The Waynesboro Generals : New Website One Step Closer to being Ready !

I must tell you that through the combined efforts of John Leonard & Sabrena Carter our new web site is close to being ready to go. The dynamic duo tell me that we are within 1 week give or take of the BIG MOMENT. You can click over to and check out the latest update!

CLICK ON "THE BLOG" - It is up & running!!!

Keep up the GREAT work!


Anonymous said…
Cool "home page" so far. Can't wait to see the unveiling! You've got some talented people on staff so I know it'll be awesome :)
Yes - I feel very blessed to be able to be surronded by the folks that are on board with our "Family Project".
Anonymous said…
I love the page so far and I can't wait for the big moment on the page!

Great job!

Anonymous said…
Jerry I will be going to several UVA games starting here soon, so I will be doing recaps from the game for both you and John. Any former or soon to be VLB players facing UVA I will also have a story and recap on them.

Thanks for checking in ! I am thrilled with what the "team" has already gotten done with the site. I am looking forward to your UVA reports.

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