Hungry Mother State Park

If you find yourself anywhere near exit 47 off Interstate 81 in Virginia you should take the short drive 🚗 up Virginia 16 to Hungry Mother State Park. You fill find a series of trails that look like Norman Rockwell painted them, especially the ones surrounding the Lake.

Friday Night 🌙 x 4

Labor Day weekend is always one of the busiest weekends of the Sports year and tonight is full of contests that include one of the teams that we pay attention to so to have some fun we will do a little spin on scoreboard watching. Between 7pm and 730pm four different levels of competition will begin so let's get started with the teams and cities involved. Independence, Virginia (7pm) will be the site for Carroll County at Grayson County in week 2 of High School football. The Cavilers offense scored at will in its opener at Patrick County last week and will look to match last year's Win total against the Blue Devils. Appalachian State University Field Hockey 🏑🏒 will play its first road contest of the season at Rider with the action 🎬 getting underway at 7pm. The Mountaineers (2-0) defeated Towson and Georgetown at home last week by a combined score of 9-1 and will look to stay perfect on the young season. 7:10pm will be the first pitch for the Seattle Marine

What kind of Day has it been?

          Everyday the goal is to wake up and then go out and search for all that is Good in the World or at least my part of it anyway.           Monday was one of those days that gives me hope in the fact that there are still Good people 🙏 doing Good deeds for others around them.             The day began with a trip across the street to introduce myself to the Carroll County High School golf ⛳ coach, Kristopher Goad. Mr. Goad and his Cavilers were set to compete in a dual match along with the Blue Devils of Grayson County around 1pm if the weather would cooperate.            Carroll County is my home, hopefully for the remaining time here on Earth and like many other rural towns, cities and villages there is no daily newspaper that covers the area. Three separate weekly papers do what they can to provide news to the residents but there's no chance that a high school regular season golf match is going to be covered by the media.              Having been a high school golfer just

Thoughts from an old Guy that has watched too much of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom

      Good Evening All,                      After returning from watching the Carroll County High School Cavilers host Auburn High School and Martinsville High School in a football scrimmage I felt it was the right time to type out a few words on the objective of                     I truly believe that there are enough Good People left out there that want the place they live in to be a Better Place but aren't sure they can make a difference. While it might be a Pie in the Sky mindset but I believe that if you can start something that can eventually lead to change. The road will be full of challenges but I'm in it for the long haul !                     Wake up tomorrow and ask yourself one question - what can I do to make my little corner of the World a better place ?

2022 is the year for rolling out!

               Greetings All !                             While we await the completion of the new website for it seemed like a good time to dust off both of the original websites that have been around for roughly 15 years. It's an exciting time around here as the ball is rolling now.                             More news to follow soon!       

East Rim of the Grand Canyon