It's a Great Day for Baseball & It's a Great Day to be a Golden Bear!!!!! OPENING DAY

Let's Play Ball

It's Cold in them there Hills !

One of the biggest challenges that Head Coaches and players find in the game of Baseball at the NAIA level is the fact that the weather in early February in highly unpredictable. The original dates for the opening weekend down in Johnson City, TN were Friday and Saturday. The weather forecast for Friday in the Tennessee Mountains was less than desirable for outdoor baseball (Low of 19) so the slate was moved to Saturday and Sunday. Well into my second decade of Golden Bear Baseball I have come to appreciate just how fluid the schedule becomes, especially early on when all Coaches are jonesing to get live action for their ballclubs. Saturday and Sunday both show ideal weather down in the Tri-Cities area which means that the goal will be to play all of the baseball that can be played!

It's February Now so that means its time for Golden Bears Baseball !

The West Virginia Tech University Golden Bears are set to take to the diamond for the first time this Saturday down in Johnson City, Tennessee with two games at the TVA Credit Union Stadium (Cardinal Park). The team will remain in the area for more action on Sunday with the venue moving over to nearby Dobyns Bennett High School. Skipper Lawrence Nesselrodt is set to begin his 15th season and the helm of the program and will once again be assisted by West Virginia Baseball Legend Joe Goddard. Former Golden Bear player Doug Pollack will also be returning for another season on one of the most experienced staffs in the History of the game of Baseball. If there was ANY doubt to that statement it dissapeared when yet another Baseball Lifer joined the Tech Family in Steve Crossier. Crossier has coached at pretty much every level of the game from High School all the way throough the Show where he spent 12 years instructing players at the top level of the game. Another bit

Monday January 30th, 2023

A great deal of life has taken place over the past four days, enough for atleast 10-12 stories! Some of the names that will be a part of those stories - Travis Knight, Marion Harris, Hagen Giles, Lawrence Nesselrodt and the Bluefield University Cross Country / Track and Field Team (or atleast a portion of it), Aaron Sorkin and Mike Yew. Some of those names will look famillar while others not so much but they all fit into the equation of the past four days. There are three blog / websites that are connected to OneofUs.Care. One of them is the site you are reading and for lack of better termonology I call this one "A Look Inside of My Brain". One of the sites is OneofUs.Care which is the offical site of the Non-Profit Organization that my wife and I founded last year. The second site is called the " Carroll County Sports Report", which is solely dedicated to providing a Positive point of view for all of the Sports teams here in Carroll County, Virginia. This blog acts

Thursday January 26th, 2023

Good Morning from the suburbs of Laurel Fork... It's been a while because things have been happening a rapid pace around here. Actually both here and up in Page County where we are closing in on the completion of our " Raise a Barn " project. Yesterday turned out to be a fairly long day but it was full of enjoyment. I made my first trek to a quiant little town called Chilhowie, Virginia where are Junior Varsity Girls took care of business against the hometown Warriors. Exit 39 off of I-81, just below Marion if that helps. Today is the rare day where the paths cross as on Friday morning up in Shenandoah Travis Knight is going to be getting our "Barn" ready for electricity. Travis is what I would call an Answered Prayer. Most of the volunteers on our project where in it from the start but Travis happened to be in the right place (for us) at the right time and we are going to get to include a Phase 2 item to our Phase 1 rollout. Translation being we will h

So You want to Raise a Barn? Here's an inside look to the steps taken to construct a Pavilion at Page County High School

The goal is to test the thought process behind ONEOFUS.CARE at a higher level. After a few much smaller events it is time to go out and see if the combination of Volunteer and Bartering efforts will work if the boundries are pushed considerbly further. Just incase the map leads us to the finish line I have deceided to use on of my three websites as a daily update or a How To Guide. Up to this point the steps taken have been as follows - create a plan, find the correct place and correct people to participate in said plan then seek permission to put the plan into place. The Raise a Barn project has proven to be Larger than Life as it draws to a close. The Panther Pavillion is entering the final stages of Construction and the Celebatory Banquet is slated to take place on Sunday March 12th. The event on the 12th will be by invite only as we say a special Thank You for all of the fine folks that gave of themselves in the construction of the facility over the past few weeks and we