The Perfect Double Header

This weekend was sort of the kick-off of the promotion and we had the souvenir stand at Rebel Park in New Market at the two double headers covered with free gifts and information about Around the Valley in 60 Days. The whole weekend went as well as we could've hoped and we had a lot of fun with some local as well as Pennsylvanian friends.

At the event we were giving away planners with different VBL team's home games in them, many gifts from the USA Today, free Northern Virginia Daily's on Saturday, free Washington Posts on Sunday, gifts from the Northern Virginia Daily and gifts from the New York Times. Overall, we had a blast and we really appreciated the support of newspapers, local and nation-wide.

Rebecca Carter and Sean Cantrell spent the time from 1PM until the end of both double headers handing things out and answering any questions people had. We just wanted to make sure the information was out there for whoever wanted it and to watch some talented kids play baseball. We were not disappointed! The teams that played (the first night's match-ups were Dickinson College vs. UPenn at Harrisburg and the second night's match-ups were Dickinson College vs. Lincoln College) were very talented, indeed.

Meanwhile, Jerry Carter was in the press box running the sound for one night's games and the announcements for the other. We kept busy and felt honored to be helping out with such an amazing group of people. Thanks to all the people that made this weekend possible.

We also had a little competition to see who could guess what one of our prizes was for. After a few stray guesses like "lint cleaner" and "book mark", someone finally guessed the correct answer. It was a CD cleaner and one lucky lady went home with one of every kind of free gift we had as well as a giant USA Today inflatable banana! She said that the win was a team effort by her and her husband. The picture to the left is one of the winner and her husband (she is holding the CD cleaner.)

A few people supported us in a very big way and we want to thank them. Bruce Alger, John Leonard, John Galle, and Bill Turner all helped us immensely this (very chilly) weekend. Bruce Alger is the President and General Manager of the New Market Rebels baseball team and he allowed us to plant ourselves in his souvenir shop. He made sure we felt welcome and comfortable and was always very kind. Thanks also to John Leonard who has hopped on board with Around the Valley in 60 Days in a very big way. His participation is appreciated more than he could possibly know and we look forward to working with him. John Galle of the Shenandoah Valley Herald came out to photograph the scene and to show his support. Bill Turner helped pay for the planners we handed out and provided the music for both nights.

Three big shout outs all go out to Mike Phillips, Dan Simpson and John Lloyd. Mike Phillips of the Northern Virginia Daily provided the free papers on Saturday. Dan Simpson of the Washington Post provided the free papers on Sunday. John Lloyd of the USA Today provided many of our free gifts. Popular among them were cell phone carriers, rubix cube key chains, smiley face stress balls, and rubber duckies.

We are so proud that we have such amazing people behind us on this venture and we know that with these spectacular individuals involved, great things will come for the entire Valley Baseball League and the Valley because of it.

This is just a quick synopsis of what happened today. Look for more detailed coverage in later posts! We're very sorry if we didn't see you out at Rebel Park today. If you're interested in receiving any of the information we passed out, please don't hesitate to contact us!

We're looking forward to people going Around the Valley and sending us their photos so we're going to make sure we do the same and bring you photos of the process on our end every step of the way. Make sure to check back every so often for updates.

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