Dodgers looking for starting pitching with Penny on the shelf- Trade for Greg Maddux...

Greg Maddux will be re-joining a team for the second time in his amazing career when Los Angles announces they have added to their starting rotation for the stretch run. The Dodgers and Padres were close to making this deal back on July 31ST but San Diego wasn't excited about the prospect they were being offered in return.

Maddux has a no-trade clause in his contract but had agreed to move to either of the 3 teams near his home in Las Vegas (LA/Anaheim or Arizona). Back in 2006 Maddux joined the Dodgers for the stretch run and helped the team capture the NL Wild Card spot. The following year Maddux signed with San Diego and has pitched with the Padres for the past 1 & 3/4 seasons. A quick look at the upcoming Dodgers schedule gives me hope of catching another Maddux start here in the near future...

19TH-20TH-21ST Dodger Stadium vs. Colo Rockies
22ND-23RD-24TH-25TH @ Phili
26TH-27TH-28TH @ Washington Nationals

His normal start date would be the 20TH but it will depend on Penny's start date/slot. But with 7 straight games in the Eastern Time Zone there is no way I don't get to see him at least 1 more time this season in person!

Los Angles returns East to face the Pirates in Pittsburg( a four game set ) later in September (15TH-18TH)....


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