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A General View of 2008
By GeneralsSignGuyMike 

It was one great season for the 2008 Waynesboro Generals, yes they didn't make it two straight VLB Champions but they do have bragging rights on having won three straight division titles and overall best record (87-42-1) in the league dating back to 2006. They had a finishing record of (32-17) tho their regular season record was (30-14) and the 2nd straight season with 30 or more wins in the regular season. Coach Lawrence "Big Picture" Nesselrodt was named for the 3rd straight time Manager of the Year and he deserved that award. The manager of the Fauquier Gators, Paul Koch, did a great job this season with the Gators. Adam Liberatore was named one of the best pitchers this year and he deserves the award, also by far the most improved too. He went 6-1 with a 1.36 ERA going 66 1/3 inn and striking out 58. He was the ace of a super pitching staff that included: Andy Altemus (7 wins), Jake Cowan (5 wins and two of his last 3 starts he pitched over 11 strikeouts in them), Jared Dobbs, Daniel Bradshaw, Jeff Sinkiewicz, and Matt Sokolowski. Daniel Wiltz lead our team in saves with 5 saves and had a great season. Kaleb Fleck joined him with 2 saves and Superfan Chuckie's favorite Pete Vandenbout had 2 saves and 3 huge wins this season too.
Now with the hitting and our team MVP and the fans MVP too Brandon "B-Size" Sizemore. What a great season he put up this year and improved from the last. This was his 3rd year with the team and he is truly the heart and soul of the team by what the fans think. We are going to miss him in 2009, unless the Valley League can let him play and say start in the minors when he wants afterwards. Sizemore will never be forgotten by the Generals fans, if we could have a Generals Hall of Fame here, he would be right there near the top of the list and probably most of the fans that have supported the team for a long time. Sizemore's numbers this year were .377 avg, 10 HR, 34 RBI's, 13 doubles and 14 stolen bases in only 31 games that he started and he played in 36 games. Not to mention, he was the only player this year repeating All VLB honors from 2007. For all the fans from the Generals Brandon Sizemore thank you for all the great memories you have brought to us over the past three years.
Other players that are worth mentioning that had a great year (1st year with us): Evan Webb (43 RBI's), Gabriel Saade (17 SB), Derek Hamblen (.304 avg), Austin Morgan (.307 avg),  Mark Dvoronzak and Greg Meleski. Our 2nd year players included: Grant Buckner, Chris Enourato, Ryan Adams, and also Shane Ardoin. We hope to see all of you again if possible for your 2nd or 3rd years for the Generals. Thank you for a great season at home with a league best 20-5 record in 2008, and we hope to improve on that and have an even better season come 2009. Can't wait for it to get here.
I also have to thank ESPN 1240 and Sean Youngberg for letting me on the broadcast to help out for a few innings back on the Haymarket game. That was a dream come true and so was throwing out the first pitch on the same night. Yes I am the sign guy but also you can call me the stat guy in the crowd too and looking forward to helping out again with that in 2009.
A huge thank you and thanks for the memories in 2008 has to go to Jerry Carter. He did a super job going out to a game each day no matter where it was at in the Shenandoah Valley... yes I would love to hear all the gas mileage for what he done going to all the games in the 2008 year, but for what he did in a 11 game stretch along with his daughter Rebecca was amazing. Rebecca does deserve a lot of credit for taking pictures too for the ballgames and along with Jerry talking about the Valley League and sports in general. I must admit both of them are big UVA fans I support that and also good luck to Rebecca at UVA this year GO 'HOOS!
I was happy to finally meet up with Jerry Carter on June 1st for the Generals' opening game and the ATV-60 tour. He can tell you what an experience it was, from the 1st inning when we put up 13 runs to the last pitch. As you saw in the previous story about the Generals, they went 11-2 when Jerry was at a game, in the crowd or at the broadcast booth. Great memories for all the games I went to. Seeing all 11 ballparks and having a passport to go with it was something I like and Jerry made it worthwhile getting the ATV-60 word to all the fans at all the ballparks. The Generals Superfans appreciated for what you've done plus us loopsters that did the journey do, too. All 50 Loopsters and dog (Congrats to Diamond) enjoyed the journey and will look forward to see what 2009 holds. I can't speak for all of them but each trip to every game no matter if it was at home or away was fun and each of us can tell tell a story from all 11 parks.
Jerry and the Carter family keep up the great work you all do for spreading the word about Valley League Baseball. Looking towards late May 2009 now and just wish it would start all over again tomorrow; it will be here before you now it. I will have more fansigns ready and as promised Jerry a fansign for you and Lawrence. I just might have more creative ideas for 2009. Yes the GeneralsSignGuy did have at last count 7 apperances on WHSV during a game and 1 apperance along with Jerry for spreading the word about ATV-60 and 2 apperances on WVIR-29. I do wanna thank the journalists and cameramen (Damon and Zac from WHSV) and camerawoman, thank you (Lindsay from WVIR) for all the apperances on the sportscast.
For all the people that visit here that are UVA fans, GO HOOS and for all the Redskins fans, GO SKINS!
But most of all for all the Valley League fans, GO VALLEY LEAGUE!
As the song goes "Thanks for the memories until we meet again." It's very true, great memories in 2008 and I hope to see everyone again in 2009.

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