Another 48 Hours : Altavista to Roanoke to Northside to Roanoke and then Fischersville...

The Guy family : Mom, Kala, Candice and Dad

Don't know that I have ever had a 48 Hour period in my life that was as full of quality time with so many special people... The action started down in Altavista (Strasburg @ Altavista) on Thursday night and didn't slow down until about 9:00 P.M. on Saturday evening. I should say that 9:00 P.M. was when the fun stuff ended as we just spent the past 6 hours getting the Sunday Washington Post distributed here in Page County.

I have enough pics and notes to keep me writing for a week and I promise to get started later this morning. I did want to start the pics out with the one of the Guy family just after Wilson Memorial completed their run through Region B...

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