Date Line - Shenandoah County : 8 Hoops teams under 1 Roof

Not only was it Central vs. Stonewall Jackson all night long, it also included the four basketball teams from the two schools that are separated by 14 miles of I-81. There was plenty of action between the Falcons and the Generals and we will do our best to share some of it with you over the next day or two...
We will get things started by telling you that Jeremy Stafford was there to cover the games for the Northern Virginia Daily. Check out Jeremy here interviewing Coach Burner after the night cap. Check out the gamers from Chuck McGill's most recent staffer by clicking on at .
I did have the time to visit a bit with Jeremy during the 20 minutes between games and asked how he likes being a "staffer" versus a stringer? The answers were solid- fewer teams and fewer schools to cover, which allows more time to focus. Job security is another one but at the end of the day I think it just comes down to getting to spend more time with Chuck.
Enjoy the gamers...

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