Hanging out with TK, Dennis, Rebecca & John Galle at Handley-Central

John Galle hard at work...
Rebecca trying to be camera shy
No such problem with Dennis(L) or T.K

Always smiling Mr. Keeler

TK was doing double duty with both the Girls & Boys Games

Fun night to be in the gym on Wednesday night. TK and Ace Camera man Dennis were down from Strasburg covering the game for the Northern Virginia Daily. You can check out TK's gamer at http://www.nvdaily.com/ and I am sure that Dennis had the camera clicking away. We enjoy the work that both of the fine people do as well as Mr. John Galle of the Shenandoah Valley Herald.

ATV-60 Camera Lady Rebecca Carter was in the gym as well and I have 245 pictures from the night to prove it. Pics from all 4 games being played in the two gyms...

We will start out with the fun ones of those mentioned here...

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