Strasburg @ Page County - Baseball in the Cold Mountain Air

Rebecca trying to capture the Field of Dreams look from 2 miles away on top of the mountain.
Page County hurler and a pair of the brave fans.

Some of the Strasburg purple that made the trip down.

If we were both at the game then the pupp couldn't be far behind.

A little plate action shot.

Welcome to Shenandoah, Virginia !

More behind the plate shots.
Really nice crowd considering the sudden drop in temp.

Power swing.

View along side the Rams bench.

From atop the hill @ Page.

Trying to catch the wind-up on this one...

Coach Smoot working from the 3RD base coaching box.

Assistant Ram Coach Joel Morgan
Final Score : Strasburg 14, Page County 4
Weather permitting the same schools will play Softball down at Page.


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