Today : The origin of the site

Back in the good ole days when the job only required roaming the streets of Luray at night I had set out to create a way to give back to the community. The idea I came up with was a site that promoted local high school athletes in a positive manner and a few adventures mixed in. Around The Valley in 60 Days was the name and there are nearly a thousand posts between the two sites.
This site here was the original site and on the front page of this site is a link to the sister site we created. Sadly as the newspaper job became much more labor intense over the consolidations the time was no longer there to continue at the same pace. But we kept both sites up and running so that folks can still look back at the stories and pictures.
The main goal of this site now is to allow me to try and communicate with a customer base that has us distributing 2,600 Sunday newspapers between Page & Shenandoah Counties. Any angle that allows CCD the opportunity to keep folks informed will always be pursued.
Feel free to look back through the old stories or just read the Washington Post updates, either way as Paul Harvey was famous for closing with... Now You Know the Rest of the Story!

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