Good Things come to those who wait ! Fighting Bill Meade's advance to post season with 8-2 mark.

 Staunton, Virginia -  Staunton High School closed out its regular season today with a road victory over host Riverheads and will now turn its attention to the post season next week. 

            Turn back the calendar a few weeks and you would have found head coach Bill "Pappy" Meade faithfully holding practices with two or three players. The school football team was still competing in the postseason which left Meade having to be creative in getting his squad prepared for the regular season opener. When you add the lost season to the Covid pandemic in 2019-2020 it would have been an understatement to say that the Storm would have to ride out the Storm to find any hope of competing thi9s season.

               Meade continued to work with the players that he had in the fold and hope for the best. It was not an uncommon occurrence to plan out a practice before making the short drive over to the tennis courts only to find two players waiting for their coach. The football team would finally conclude their season and after a two year wait the Staunton team was ready to take to the courts. Blending in the new players with the three that had been in the fold from the start the always optimistic Meade set his sights on qualifying for the post season.

             Outside of a difficult outing against local powerhouse Wilson High School, the Storm continued to improve and finished the limited regular season with a sparkling 8-2 mark. The next task for Meade will be to prepare his squad for the postseason! A wonderful problem to have when you take the time to fully appreciate where the journey began for the squad. 

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