Chalk the Delay on this one up to the Pony Express! The Goal this season was to roll out a New Segment called "Through the Catchers Mask" with Gator and Friends. We never quite perfected it but here's the Transcript from Opening Day

Opening Day Recap - executed perfectly by Gator !

  The opening game was against IU-South Bend and I was back behind the Dish catching Mathew Gainer and he was LOCKED in. He was throwing really well from the start and then Issac came in and shut it down for him. We won it on a combined 1-0 shutout.
  Gainer hadn't thrown since last summer and he was really excited to get back on the bump to give us our best shot to win. The Umpire was loving the way he was throwing and might have expanded the strike zone just a bit for us. He was living on the Corners, throwing to his spots and then Issac came in for the first time in years which was in part due to Covid.
  He was fired up being back out there on the Bump. It was electrifying - he came in and we might have thrown one slider. Everything else was Sinker, Fastball, Cutter and Curve. It was all hard and moving in a different direction.
   Those guys had No Shot, Issac just shut the game down. It was a very beautifully combined rotation between the two!

     GAME 2 also contained a Cinderella moment, for Logan Stump. In his first plate appearance following Tommy John surgery Stump hits a Homer over Left Center Field wall. It was a beautiful scene watching Stump round the bases, happy as can be. Just thrilled to be back out there competing with the Boys!

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