College Football at the Top Levels will never be the same again after the influx of money πŸ’° and the Transfer portal.

 Notice that I didn't include the N.I.L in the heading as its only fair that if ridiculous amounts of money changes hands that the players get their share.
  It's tough for someone who has been a life long fan of the game to accept the changes but accept them I have. The game has transformed to the equivalent of Triple AAA baseball ⚾️ in that its one step below the show now.
    One of the headlines from yesterday read that one team had its three top Quarterbacks enter the transfer portal at the same time.
    Another one includes a quote saying that getting a top level QB from the portal takes $1 to $2 Million Dollars...... 
   The game has changed in a manner that it more closely resembles the N.F.L but it is what it is. Money πŸ’°πŸ€‘πŸ’ΈπŸ’²πŸ’Ά drives everything and there's no better example of that then Top Tier College Football

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