Time to List the Folks that we Believe In and try our Best to Show Support For : Other than the WNBA & College Bowl πŸ₯£ Games

 In no particular order -

 ●Alan Knight and his Page County High School Softball Program

 ● Lawrence Nesselrodt and his West Virginia Tech Golden Bears 🐻 Baseball ⚾️ Program

 ● Chris and Crystal Graham and their Augusta Free Press

● Jay Neal and his Strasburg Express Baseball ⚾️. Organizations

● Tim Tebow Foundation
● Everything about Duke University but especially the Football Program

● Everything about the University of Virginia, especially the Degree that our Daughter earned there!

● Allen Worrell and his Plucky Sidekick at The Carroll News

● Bill "Pappy " Meade and his High School Tennis 🎾 program up in Staunton

● Appalachian State University Field Hockey πŸ‘πŸ’ - two years calling their Games down in Boone

● Rick Nester and his Carroll County High School Softball program

● Kris Richardson, Arthur Campbell and Dennis Zimmerman for contributing to our Cause in unfaverable manners

● The Night Shift team that I work with at Crystal Clear Delivery that makes all of what we do possible.

● Cindy Edwards and her passion for her players and her Sport.

● Mr. Greg Talley for being Greg Talley

● Ron Cochran at Omega & Kevin "Formerly the Hulk" Burress of Lady πŸ‘© Swat

● Marty Graves and the San Juan Islands 🏝

● Rob Sisk and his Family πŸ‘ͺ

● The Late but Never Forgotten Mr. John Culp

● Coach Jeff Burner and his MountainView Girls πŸ‘§ Basketball πŸ€ program.
● Liberty University for educating our oldest Daughter and the University of Georgia for having her educate the Bulldogs

● Tracy Mellis for her Daily acts of Kindness πŸ’˜

● Marion and Shelia Harris for their ability to stand for the 3 things we believe in - Fairh, Family πŸ‘ͺ and Kindness!

● Chris Dodson and his efforts at Spotswood High School both on and off the Basketball πŸ€ Court.

      We reside in a World 🌎 where its not about Wins & Losses and our appreciation for people giving back doesn't sway with their winning percentages.
   If you ever find yourself searching for a Positive thought just take the time to reflect on all of the Folks that God has placed πŸ™ in your path.
  Have a Blessed Day !

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