Kevin Kouzmanoff trying to help Greg Maddux

The year was 2002 and a young infielder (Kevin Kouzmanoff) from the University of Nevada came to the Valley League to play ball for the Winchester Royals.The 6'1 righty from Newport Beach, California returned to Nevada and was drafted in the 6th round by the Clevland Indians and made the bigs at Jacobs Field in 2006.

Kouzmanoff is playing third base for the Padres this year after coming over to the National League. Today Kouz made a series of nice plays behind Greg Maddux as the professor went in search of victoty #351.

The Padre offense is struggling this season and today was/is no different.Ryan Dempster has sparkled for the Cubs,limiting SD to just one hit into the sixth and the home team broke-up the 0-0 tie in the fifth to knock Maddux out of the game.

Is there anyone out there from Winchester that has any fond memories of Kouz from his stay in the Valley?

Check out the VBL site for a complete listing of all former VBL stars that have made it to the show!

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