Our own trek Around The Valley in 12 Days

We are now inside 3 weeks until opening night in Woodstock as well as four other exciting Valley Baseball Parks.We will open the season with one of the two cross-county rivalry games as New Market travels 19 miles north to battle the River Bandits for early Shenandoah County bragging rights! Staunton- Waynesboro offer up the other County Battle (Augusta County) but the league is not short on great rivals.

Luray @ New Market (stop 7-June 6th) is always a great game anytime one of those teams crosses the Gap on US-211 and Winchester- Front Royal proved to be quite the match-up last season as the neighbors that share US-522 always look forward to facing
each other.

Here is the current (rain pending) list of stops we plan to make to complete the

Saturday- May 31st- Woodstock home opener vs. New Market (70 miles)
Sunday- June 1st- Waynesboro home opener vs. Harrisonburg (114 miles)
Monday- June 2nd- Fauquier 2nd home game vs. Luray (88 miles)
Tuesday- June 3rd- Front Royal 2nd home game vs. Waynesboro (52 miles)
Wednesday- June 4th- Covington 2nd home game vs. New Market (265 miles)
Thursday- June 5th- Winchester 3rd home game vs. Harrisonburg (102 miles)
Friday- June 6th- New Market 3rd home game vs. Luray (30 miles)
Saturday- June 7th- Harrisonburg 5th home game vs. Haymarket ( 70 miles)
Sunday- June 8th- Haymarket 4th home game vs. Luray ( 116 miles)
Monday- June 9th- 1st League Day Off- pending make-up games
Tuesday- June 10th- Luray 4th home game vs. Staunton ( 3 miles !)
Wednesday- June 11th- Staunton 5th home game vs. New Market ( 122 miles)

Grand Total of un-offical miles=
1,032 miles...
Cost of gasoline-$165.00
The chance to see 11 great games in 11 neat settings- PRICELESS !!!!!


Anonymous said…
The Generals Superfans will see u there on June 1, a few of us are already talking about trying to make it to as many games and try to see each team on the road as possible too. Great thing u are doing. Wish the season was tommorrow but we are less than 3 weeks know so ready for Valley League Baseball!!

CCD said…
Great to here from you and I am looking forward to our stop in Waynesboro. The crowds at the four Generals games I made it to last year made the drive worth every mile! I especially enjoyed the ESPN chants and the cheers for young Mr.Nelson. Your fans to a great job supporting your club. Keep up the great work!
Anonymous said…
Me and my friend Paul part of the Generals Superfans crew is already studying the schedule and looking at making the road trips on Tuesday and Friday possibly and maybe even more depending on whats going on. I can tell ya and we encourage lots of the fans to do the same, we are ready for the challenge and it can be an exciting one.

Thanks for mentioning the ESPN webgem chants we are bringing it back this year and nicknames for each player. Everyone come over and say hi to us if u like and talk with us we will not be shy.

Keep up the great work with the sites, I will be always check this site and the other Valley League sites daily.


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