Checking in with the Strasburg Rams VB Team : Strasburg @ Luray Bulldogs

Thursday night was another opportunity for me to accomplish two things at just one sporting event as the Strasburg Rams made the trip down to Luray for a non-district Volleyball match in the Bulldog gym.

I will do my best to keep up with Suzanne Mathias and her 2008 Rams each time they venture out of the Northern Virginia Daily coverage area. Those of our readers that have been with us for a while remember the 2007 Rams being the subject of a VB book that Sabrena and I created earlier this season. The NVD does an excellent job of covering the Rams when they play at 250 Ram Drive but they play outside of the coverage area a few times each season.

I was able to visit with Suzanne last week as Strasburg made the trip down to Shenandoah for a match with Alan Knight and the Page County Panthers. Once again I was fortunate to visit with Alan after the contest and encourage you to scroll back a few stories for those articles if you are a fan of High School Volleyball. Linda was there with me and she took some pictures that we hope to post as well in the next couple of days. This time I would get to visit with the Ram faithful as well as visit with one of my favorite Bulldog coaches- 3RD year leader Julie Rothgeb.

We arrived there in time to see the end of a hard fought JV match that went the way of the Bulldogs. Luray pulled out quick in the third and deciding game, coasting to a 15-6 victory that allowed them to win the match 2-1.

Luray entered the varsity contest supporting an impressive 7-0 record that included capturing the Championship of the William Monroe Tournament back on Saturday August 23RD over in Standardsville. Rothgeb's team followed those 4 wins up with a home and home sweep of Clarke County and a home win over Madison County. The Bulldogs return to action next Thursday (11TH) when they travel over to Madison County for the second game with the Mountaineers.

Strasburg entered the night with a 2-2 record after falling in a dramatic five set match against West Virginia VB power Mussleman. The Appleman- Rams match was covered by a talented young lady by the name of Alyssa Goodson and you can read the gamer by going over to .


#1 - Amber Turner- Senior
#2 - Amelia Green - Junior
#3- Lindsey Cummings - Senior
#4 - Ashley Housden - Junior
#5 - Danielle Montgomery - Junior
#6 - Morgan Wright - Senior
#7 - Katie Cubbage - Senior
#8 - Rachel Goebel - Senior
#11-Megan Hilliard- Junior
#15- Alison Ross - Junior
#16- Jennifer Jewell - Junior

Head Coach : Julie Rothgeb (3RD Season)
JV Coach : Susan Henry

Strasburg Rams 2008 Varsity Roster:

#1 - Jacalyn Ayers - Junior
#2 - Casey Spiker - Sophomore
#3 - Siaura Saville - Sophomore
#4- Samanthan St. Clair - Sophomore
#5- Lauren Agnew - Sophomore
#6- Meaghan Gum - Junior
#7- Shanna Devers - Senior *
#8- Gabe Giersch - Junior
#9- Ally Kauffman- Junior
#10-Stephanie Conde- Junior *
#11- Jenna Smoot - Junior*
#12-Bethany Doman - Senior *
#14- Rebecca Coffman - Senior *
* - Returning player from 2007

Head Coach - Suzanne Mathias
Assistant Coach - Jennifer Mason
Assistant Coach - Jan Bane

That concludes the lead-up to the match and I will return later with a game story and some quotes from the coaches after I get some work done!

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