Big Night of Volleyball Coverage in our Valley...

LURAY -Just after the start of the 1ST game last night down at Wilson Memorial I had to crack a smile. Luray and WMHS were playing a regular season Class A volleyball match and there were a slew of folks there connected to the press. You can go on line right now to either or and see both game stories and photos from the action last night. From the Luray side you can go and pick up a copy of this weeks Page News and Courier and see the same!

Jim Sacco was in the gym as well and you can read his colorful views about the match at his blog site connected to the News Virginian. The Daily Pooch Punt is full over antidotes about the match. How solid was the coverage of the match ? Solid enough that it was easier for me to cover the coverage, then to right more about the Wilson victory.

The great coverage doesn't stop there. Tonight is the start of the World Series and if you pick up a copy of the Northern Virginia Daily you will see a High School Volleyball story sitting above the AP story on the Series. The story is about a play-in game for the Northwest District tournament about to begin. Solid local coverage about the young ladies playing Class A and Class AA volleyball across our Valley.

Our good friend Chuck McGill is the Sports Editor at the NVD as well as being a long time Tampa Bay Rays fan and Chuck made my night last night. After finishing his C1 page (Main page of the Sports section) he let me know that I might enjoy reading the TB story today. A couple of weeks ago I had written a column on the help from above that the Devil-less Rays had received this season after the name change.

I am sure I wasn't the first one to think about it, just happened to take the time to write about
before on a alot of folks did. The story sitting below the VB story in the NVD was an AP story on that very subject. The Devil Rays had spent their entire existence wondering around lost in life and then they saw the Light.

The very year of the name change led a team from never having a winning record all of the way to the World Series. If they go on to win the Series then someone should give Disney a call so they can make a sequel to Angles in the Outfield. Chuck will be having fun on Thursday night when his WVU eleven play Auburn at home at the same time his Rays are taking the diamond down at the Trop. If that wasn't fun enough, he will be celebrating his Birthday as well...

Happy Birthday Chuck !

Shaun Cox was there from the News-Leader and he asked me a question about switching from Baseball to Volleyball. Shaun wrote a story for our promotion (Around The Valley) right after he relocated to the Valley from Kentucky and our paths haven't crossed much since then. I had to let him know that it was Volleyball before baseball and has been for a while. How true is that statement?

Tonight when John Leonard's Fightin Phils take on Chuck McGill's Devil-less Rays, I will be right in the middle of the action. The VB action that is, over at Bridgewater College where the Lady Eagles will be hosting Guilford in an ODAC match. Before you want to have me committed I am not saying that the level of play of a D-III volleyball match rivals the mad skills of the MLB players. To borrow a thought from a dear friend, Teresa Wease, there is so much more to life than a game being played.

The ladies in the gym tonight over at BC are student athletes and the fans in the stands are either fellow students or family members that are there to cheer them on. That alone is a great story and one that I will always find the time to try and tell. So if you are in the Valley tonight and looking for a sporting event to watch just take Exit-240 off of I-81 and make your way to the campus. There is no admission charge for the match and the concession stand will be open.

You will have a chance to watch Katie Baker (Strasburg-pictured above), Candice Guy (Wilson Memorial) and Erika Dirnagl (Sherando) taking sets all evening from Tricia Davis. This is the next to last home match for BC this season, with next Thursday wrapping up the home portion of the schedule.

Hope to see you Court Side!

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