Hanging out with 3 of the Shenandoah County Fab Four and watching some quality Hoops!

"Tiger" Wilkins (center) one of injured Lady Generals out of action
A key part of the Stonewall Family - Mr. & Mrs. Stout

Cassie Conley finishing a 4TH quarter Free Throw

Coach B rallying his troops

Molly Beall looking to inbound the ball

Another Varsity game that came down to the wire

One of Mr. McGill's Ace Reporters Dennis Atwood interviewing Coach Burner
Check out the gamer at http://www.nvdaily.com/

Brittany Smith (30) facing "Bull" Richardson (54) and James Wood's Sara Michael

SJ Coach Jeff Burner

Left to right - Strasburg's Coach Mason & Coach Mathias, Mickey & Roger (Central)

Jen Mason & Suzanne Mathias of Strasburg

James Wood Head Coach Jamie Carr & his Lady Colonels
The Fab Four is a reference to the four members of the Shenandoah County family that I credit with my deep ties to the Valley. Strasburg Head Volleyball & Softball Coach Suzanne Mathias, Central High School's Roger Wilkins, Stonewall Jackson's Jeff Burner and New Market Rebels GM Bruce Alger...

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