Rebel Park to NCAA National Champion ! Rebels Riley Cooper and his Gators - Gate r done!

11:47 P.M - National Champions ! Kudos to Riley Cooper and his mates
11:31 P.M.- Gators up 10 after Tebow hits Nelson with 4 yard TD pass (3:07-4TH)
11:26 P.M.- Tebow to Cooper across the middle for 17 yards on key 3RD & 12 !
11:14 P.M.- Gators kick 28 yard FG - Lead 17-14
11:09 P.M.- Cooper's down field block springs Percy Harmon for a 52 yard run
10:58 P.M. - 3RD quarter in the books - Florida 14-7 - Cooper 1 catch for 11 yards
9:48 P.M. - Anyone that had 7-7 for a half time score...
Earlier : Florida broke the 0-0 tie with a TD pass from Tim Tebow early in the second quarter. Louis Murphy was on the receiving end of the pass but "our" VBLer Riley Cooper was out there and quick to congratulate Murphy.

In a game that I would have minimal interest in otherwise I can't help but pull for New Market Rebel/Florida Gator Riley Cooper. I here his room mate has some game as well - that would be Tebow.

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