10 Things I Loved about Thursday Night ! David Letterman style

10. For the third night in a row I watched a great high school baseball game that was decided by
one run after the home team rallied.

9. Talking with Luray manger Mike Bocock about anything having to do with baseball. His baseball smile is as wide as Critzer's.

8. Getting to spend any 15 minutes with Mr. & Mrs. Alger while they are working their magic
@ Rebel Park.

7. Getting to ask both Ryan Carroll and his father which one of them was more excited when Ryan caught the final out in the Luray victory (Mr.Carroll said his chair broke from the tension).

Ryan said- "It just ended up falling into my glove but I knew Jeremy was behind me"

6. Trading stories with my New Market broadcast partners and getting to tell Dallas's wife she looks younger every time I see her.

5. Getting to spend 5 hours with my youngest daughter and having her talk about how exciting
the Bulldog game was.

4. Visiting with Chatham baseball parents including the mother of Andrew Redd and seeing Drew Hicks grandfather retrieve Drew's home run ball.

3. Getting the opportunity to visit with News & Courier editor Randy Arrington for the better part of the game- Randy, you made a big impression on my daughter.

2. Talking baseball all game with the "distinguished gentleman" wearing a UVA hat. Then finding out he is Al Samuels (News-Leader, 30+ years covering high school sports) and his takes on high school athletics are very similar to my own!

1. Having the Luray softball coach (Mr.Turner) stop and tell me he liked the story I wrote last week and that he took the time to look at all the pictures we posted of his girls playing that day!
I live in a world where the glass is always half full and I choose only to see and write about things in a positive light. When someone like Coach Turner stops long enough to take a drink from that glass- well- it makes it ALL SEEM WORTH IT !!!

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