Dallas Baptist U. earns #2 seed / UVA heads west!

Dallas Baptist University picked-up their very first invitation to the NCAA baseball tourney. The Patriots will make the short drive to College Station as the #2 seed. Texas A+M (#1) and Houston (#3) are potential road blocks in the regional round. Illinois-Chicago rounds out the bracket as the four seed.

The opening round games will begin on Friday May 30,2008 with Dallas Baptist squaring off with the Houston Cougars. With any luck the Patriots (4 Luray 2008 players) will have an extended run into the tournament!

James Madison University (#4 seed) stays close to home but will have to face #1 N.C. State in the opening game of the Raleigh bracket.

University of Virginia players will score some frequent flyer miles as the HOOS head west as the #3 seed. UVA opens with #2 seed UCLA and also will deal with #1 seed (#5 overall) Cal-State Fullerton and Rider.

Good luck to all the players from the 64 teams! Visit www.ncaa-baseball.com for full brackets!


Anonymous said…
Yea I was surprised we went West but I think the Fullerton region is easy from all the stats I seen. I would just wish in the Stanford region there is an upset there too so UVA could maybe host a Super Regional.

Dallas Baptist got a great seed do I think they are a 2 maybe not because I think UVA deserved a 2 but oh well good luck to them and also to all the players that are to be on the Wranglers later in the season. As of now unless there is changes I know 6 Generals are in the CWS (3 for LSU, 2 for Elon, and 1 for Vandy)

The biggest shock well 2 of them to me is why was St.Johns not a 2 seed, my other friend Paul part of the Generals Superfans is a fan of the Red Storm but would have loved to seen them somewhere in the state of Carolina playing. The other shocker is how did Arkansas make it in and College of Charleston not. SEC gets 9 teams in and Arkansas didn't even qualify for their tourney (yes thats right) and the Charleston Cougars one of the best hitting teams in the NCAA (3 players with more than 20 or more homers) not even make it in. My jaw dropped when they wasn't announced. Yes the Cougars have 2 players (Sizemore and Vandenbout) coming last time I checked to the Generals but they deserve to be playing still in the CWS.

With the numbers Brandon Sizemore put up with the Cougars this year with a .325 avg/20hr/82rbi that he can be early consideration for Valley League Player of the year.

CCD said…
My son went to C of C and I too was surprised the Cougs didn't get an invite. I was also dissapointed the two time defending champs (Oregon State) didn't get a chance to go for three in a row. I know the SEC is loaded but I have trouble thinking the 9th best team in the SEC is better than OSU.
DBU not only got a two seed (I was thinking #3) but the get to stay close to home and face a Texas A+M team (#1) that they defeated this year at A+M. They only one won of three at College Station but the third one was a late 1 run loss.
I hope the Hoos get out to California early and make the time adjustments. Don't know if the Wake loss hurt them or not. I hope to be down your way tommorrow to watch the Little Giants start their playoff run...
Anonymous said…
I'll be there at the Little Giants game barring no rain, if its going to look bad I won't be there. Good luck to everyone still in the area in the HighSchool playoffs. I'll be in the 2nd row all Virginia gear probably.

I gotta agree too with you with Dallas Baptist, they could really make a run. Another thing I didn't bring up is I was shocked LSU didn't get a higher national seed and how does Georgia get a national seed and I count over 20 or more teams with a better record then them.

CCD said…
Ditto on the Georgia Bulldogs. The only thing I can figure is they must of been high on the list of strength of schedule. It should be fun to watch!

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