Lets play 2! Bulldogs & Wranglers both slated to play Tuesday @ Bulldog Field

The good news for Luray fans (besides bringing home the Region B trophy on the team bus) is that their next game will be a home game on Tuesday. The bad news for the town is there is a 7:30 p.m. Valley Baseball League match-up between Woodstock and Luray. I am not sure how this one will get worked out by here is my .50 cents worth of free advice-

Why not schedule the coolest double header in the history of the town?! I will try and find out what the game plan will be. As hard as the Wranglers GM (Diane Buckley) has been working I am sure she won't even blink at the outcome.

Map quest has the bus ride at 3 hours - 9 minutes / 147 miles for the Red Devils.... We will try
to come up with a scouting report for Lancaster as info presents itself.

Here is what we do know now- Essex defeated them 8-2 yesterday and they will be home to host Strasburg on Tuesday.

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