Mr. Shaun Cox and John Leonard strikes again!

Life is good today in the world that is "Around The Valley in 60 Days". I just finished reading John Leonard's post on his blog from the Friday night dinner in New Market and the recap was excellent! Please take the time to read it at All Things Valley League.

The post came early this morning- I imagine sometime between breakfast for his girls and his first period class at the High School.

The second pleasant surprise came in a phone call from Mr.Shaun Cox. I was able to talk with Shaun (News Leader) for nearly a half hour about two things I love- baseball and the Valley League. I need to pass on a thank you to Boyd and Kay Synder from the Braves organization for their help with getting the News Leader on board.

Mr.Cox is new to the area having moved from the Lexington, Ky. area recently and would appear to be a big time baseball fan! When he mentioned Lexington it gave me one more opportunity to talk about what I call the greatest baseball game not many know about.

Waynesboro fans will always remember the night that Jimmy Stanley came in to close out the ninth and was still closing in the 16th!

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