Taking the Bus with dedicated driver Bruce Alger

One of the news stories coming out of New Market at the dinner was that the Rebels had just aquired a team bus for the 2008 season and Bruce and company took it out for a joy ride earlier in the week! There was nothing on the police blotter about the incident so all is well. One of the hot topics heading into the summer is which way the rising gasoline prices will effect Valley attendance.

Some of the people in the mix think the glass is half full and others half empty.Yes things will get pricey but some families will look for events closer to home versus traveling out of state for vacations. When the trip to Covington came up and the costs that come with it I made a deal with Bruce.

If he would make the bus available and drive it (little hat-optional), I would ride in the front seat and cover the cost of the gas for a trip to the All-Star game.

Bruce shook on it so I think we have a deal so the fans that want to load up for the journey to Covington should contact Mr.Alger!

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