Time to say THANKS for the support !

The list of people who have helped pave the way in getting the idea of Around The
Valley in 60 Days is growing so I felt it was time to stop and update the list!

My Daughters-Sabrena and Rebecca for their hours of work on the design and lay-out side of things. This is finals time at UVA so Rebecca has taken a break from updating
the Web Pages but will be back at it soon!

Dan Simpson- Washington Post Circulation Manager- Dan leads the team at the Post that
is responsible for the majority of work I do at Crystal Clear Delivery.

Mike Petre & Chuck McGill- The two most recent Sports Editors from the Northern Virginia Daily that gave me the opportunity to cover the league the past two seasons.

Randy Arrington- Editor of Page News and Courier and responsible for Shenandoah Valley Herald as well. Randy was there from the beginning when the idea was little more than scribbled on a napkin. His Sports editors Bill Meade (Page) and John Galle (Shenandoah) have both been great to work with and John will be out there opening night at Woodstock.

John Leonard- All Things Valley League- A true diamond in the rough! John puts so much time and effort into all of his work that it makes you wonder when he sleeps. I
am looking forward to spending the summer working with John!

Chris Graham- Augusta Free Press / Sports Dominion- Chris took time out of his busy
schedule to spend it with me and I believe he will be out there at some point during our tour.

Mike Barber- Daily News Record- Mike is a baseball junkie and I enjoyed getting to visit with him and look forward to doing it again during our stop in H'Burg.Assist
goes to Teresa of the Turks!

Bruce Alger, Dallas Alkire and Tony Mowat- The Rebels broadcasting crew adobted me early during that first season and have treated me like family ever since.

Mike Phillips- Circulation Manager at the Northern Virginia Daily... Mike is a hard working guy that been there in the past and should be there opening night as well.

John LLoyd- Circulation- USA Today- John has always provided us with plenty of goodies to give away at our events.

Bill Turner of BTI- Owner of the Wranglers for sharing the cost of the Daytimers at the kick-off event and allowing me the opportunity to speak with his board of directors to inform them of the idea.

Dave Biery- President of the Valley League- Dave presented me with the forum to discuss the idea with the league's 11 owners.

Chili's and Major League Baseball- For their sponsorship of the Valley league.

I hope to add Mike Schikman to the list soon as John Leonard and I are trying to nail
down plans to visit with him on his radio program. Again assist goes to Teresa..

My wife for her support and Greg Maddux for being my Baseball hero!

There is still plenty of room on the Bandwagon......

Thanks to All !!!!

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