VBL Update -Noises coming out of New Market, Va.

There are two things that you can hear this week coming out of New Market. The first one is the sound of joy as Melissa Dodge and her fellow Redskins fans are living large this week following their 26-24 whopping they put on the Dallas Cowboys. Add in the fact that the game was played down in Texas Stadium and it is all the more reason to shout it from the roof tops or in this case, the mountain tops!

The second noise you will hear is the sound of the bat cracking as New Market has an entry this year in the Augusta County Youth League. My Rebel broadcast buddy, Mr. Tony Mowat checked in with some of the details on the New Market Red Sox. The coaching staff will be very recognizable as Bruce Alger is leading the young men (Ages 12-15) into the season. Jay Hafner, Phil Watcher and Mike McCourt will be assisting Mr. Alger this season.

The games are going to be played over at New Market Park and we will add more notes as they become available to us.

Congrats Melissa, Thank to Tony and Best of Luck to Bruce and the Red Sox!!!


Anonymous said…
Fall baseball is a lot of fun! It's just a great way of extending the baseball season. I'm proud of Bruce for starting this. It'll be an awesome experience for those young guys.
Anonymous said…
Oh I was doing the TD dance yesterday after the Skins beat the Cow"what"boys. The Skins win does make up for the UVA game on Saturday.

Jerry after the World Series I am going to be sending in a story to you and John Leonard, and hope you both can post it. Its something I hope every team owner can read and all fans can read too. You and John has done so well promoting the Valley League and I know you both will keep it up next year and beyond, but I do have something to say that fans and teams and players will love.


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