VBL Update : Turning the Clock Back 40 Years

The modern day Luray Wranglers have had an impressive run as of late but Bill Turner and Company still have a little work to do to catch up with the previous Luray team from the Valley Baseball League.

2006 - Wranglers win VBL Crown in 5 games over Staunton
2007 - Wranglers lose VBL Finals in 4 games to Waynesboro
2008 - Wranglers sweep Covington 3-0 for Crown
2009 - ???

Go back exactly 4 decades and take a quick look:

1966 - Luray Colonials win the VBL
1967 - Luray Colonials win the VBL
1968 - Luray Colonials win the VBL
1969 - Luray Colonials win the VBL

Shortly after that amazing run, the Luray team exited the VBL (1971) and headed over to the RCBL. Two years after that the team disbanded and the town remained without a team until the Wranglers were born in 2001... 30 Years without a VBL team in town...

Anyone out there with any Colonials memories ? Would love to hear some stories...


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