Bruce Alger's New Market Red Sox Team in Pics

After the game it is time to return the Town Tractor
Can't tell which Alger is having more fun ?
Mrs. Alger's plate says it all
Trying to recoup from a solid effort
Mr. Phil Wachter- Asst. Coach, Owner of New Market Tire & Rocky's Dad
"Blue" after volunteering his time to call the game
Post handshake with Broadway
Team Photo
Phil Wachter and Co. right after the game

Comparing notes in the Red Sox dugout
At the dish...
Sizing up a lead off first
Swiping 3RD base
Bruce offering coaching tips from the 3RD base coaching box

At the plate and on deck !
C.B being C.B
A few school mates visiting the troops
Ready to deliver
Ready to field the position

Bruce leading his troops
Trey getting ready to fire it home
Phil's company helped sponsor the Little League team
Who is this guy taking our pictures?
Bruce conferring with the Broadway skipper

Some of the Red Sox faithful
Blake Jones (23) at the plate
Josh Litten putting his catching gear back on
Trey ducking from a pitch
A determined dugout

Checking for a sign from the catcher
Looking good on the delivery

Just before the wind-up
The helmets should look familiar

Broadway hurler
Rocky Wachter (15) at bat
C.B taking his cuts
Phil keeping the score book and coaching 1ST base...
Staying focused while cheering on the offense

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