Chris Graham and The New Dominion feature !

Mr.Chris Graham (Sports Dominion/New Dominion/ Augusta Free Press) checked in today and
brought some very exciting news! Chris will be visiting the two Augusta County stops (Waynesboro 6/1 & Staunton 6/11) with us and will be writing a feature story on Around The Valley in 60 Days for his summer publication.

I enjoyed our earlier interview and his work and I look forward to meeting with him again here in just 11 days. Baseball fans- did you here that- just 11 days!


Anonymous said…
Thats great and he is a fellow UVA fan so that is great. Seems like everyone is going to be at the Turks-Generals game. The Generals fans are already getting ready for the season just 10 days from now for us, 9 days for the others and to all of the other 10 teams good luck.

Every team in the League I hope can bring good crowds and for my team I would love to see atleast 50% increase in more people being there and hope each team would do that. I have been to college fields that has over 2000 fans and I would love to see that in the Valley League fields.

CCD said…
Looking forward to having a chance to see you and your group in action and I hope to make a point of having Chris talk with you and some of the others. See you next Sunday evening!

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