Friday Night w/ Mike Schikman (WSVA-550 AM)

I am looking forward to the visit with Mike down at the radio station in Harrisonburg tonight. The coolest part of the promotion up until now has been getting to spend some time with the likes of Mike Barber, Chris Graham and speaking to groups like the Shenandoah Valley Grandstand Managers Club of New Market.

After tonight I will be able to add one of the most loved and respected voices of our valley in Mike Schikman. I need to thank Teresa (Mrs.Turk) for the effort- I hope she didn't twist Mike's
arm to hard for this opportunity. I guess if Mike is wearing a sling tonight I will know the answer to that question!

Everybody is so, so busy these days and for Mike to take the time to visit with both John Leonard (All Things Valley League) and myself is a blessing. We are just 8 days way from the first pitch of another great Valley League Baseball season and sitting down with Mike should give us one more chance to spread the word about the best kept secret in baseball.

The broadcast tonight will be from 6:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Mike's station WSVA!

While I am on the subject of thanking Teresa- the note you sent yesterday could not have come at a better time! My daughter Rebecca and I had just finished a 6+ hour loop to drop material off in Fauquier, Haymarket,Winchester and Front Royal. If there is a story left to tell by me it would be called: The Women behind the Valley League. A feature story or a short book could be filled with the efforts of some of the women responsible for keeping the league where it need to be.

Also- thanks to the above mentioned teams for making the drop off process easier for us. I
understand it was a work day for each of you and we appreciate the efforts each of you made!

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