Opening Day

Today was the best day our Around the Valley team could ask for as we traveled from Luray, VA, to Woodstock, VA, to get our first passport stamp! Jerry, Rebecca, Linda, Sabrena and Diamond (our puppy) arrived on the scene just before 6:00 pm where we were given a great spot to greet fans as they entered the park. We enjoyed the company of a River Bandit faithful who is giving birth to her sixth child on Monday morning! When asked who would take her spot she replied, "I don't expect to be out more than week or so!" The fans trickled in and by game time the park was full of both Rebel and River Bandit fans excited about the beginning of two months of great summer baseball.

Your usual blog poster - Jerry Carter - is out doing his "real" job delivering the Washington Post but will bring you the Around the Valley narrative you've grown to love. We're hoping to get him to take a nap after he gets off around 7:00 am so you can expect that you'll see a post before 3:30 pm tomorrow afternoon because we'll be leaving for the second night of our 12 consecutive day trek to visit all 11 Valley League teams in 12 days! Until he can get on, please enjoy a selection of over 100 photos taken by Sabrena Carter during the evening!

Roger and Mickey preparing for the game.

Susan, the editor of the Shenandoah Valley Herald, serves a drive-up customer.

The mother of six selling tickets!

Linda and Rebecca explain the Around the Valley campaign.

A River Bandit fan chews on a USA Today give-away.

Warming up

During the national anthem

A beautiful view.

Jerry and Diamond

Jerry and Sabrena

Throwing back a home run ball.

Rebel family Bruce and his son.

Fans for 15 years!

Roger does a great job, even into the late hour!

Rebel pride!

Sometime late in the evening, joking about ordering out for breakfast!

John Galle hard at work.

Rebel fanbase.

Some good old fashioned popcorn baseball.

A reuinion of sorts!

Happy Manager with his trophy.

Hungry players at midnight!

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