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I always click over to John's sight before signing off and what a treat! We spent some time together last night and I also met his lovely wife for the first time. Bruce had invited me to throw out the first pitch last night and I grabbed John on the way out. He had no advance notice of the special event (I am trying to help out) and I know it meant more to me to share it with him.

He has posted great coverage from last night and you need to jump over to the right side of our page and click over to his site!


JohnLL said…
But we could have been a bit more Maddux-esque, eh, Jerry? :)

Thanks for inviting me along... JohnLL
CCD said…
I figured it would mean as much to you as it did to me! Teresa took Rebecca out to throw out the first pitch Saturday night in Harrisonburg (they thought her a wind up and had her wear a glove)and she had a ball..

I agree with your thoughts on a few warm up tosses!

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