Thursday, June 5, 2008

Waynesboro Afternoons, Covington Nights

Here are the long-awaited Waynesboro and Covington pictures!

First up, our afternoon at Waynesboro.
(We have to get packed up for Winchester; I promise captions will come later!)

And now for the main event... our trip to Covington!

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Anonymous said...

All great pictures from the Waynesboro trip (loved the crazybread shot) and from the Covington-New Market game. Im headed to Covington for the 1st time tommorrow and can't wait to start my journey finally to all 11 parks.

Now news from tonight thou I got all the news from the hotline due to NBA Finals on the radio.

Staunton defeated Waynesboro 2-0 and heard Lance Baxter threw a no-hitter. Covington defeated Haymarket 7-6, Fauquier over Woodstock 8-4 and New Market over Front Royal 2-0.