Waynesboro Afternoons, Covington Nights

Here are the long-awaited Waynesboro and Covington pictures!

First up, our afternoon at Waynesboro.
(We have to get packed up for Winchester; I promise captions will come later!)

And now for the main event... our trip to Covington!


Anonymous said…
All great pictures from the Waynesboro trip (loved the crazybread shot) and from the Covington-New Market game. Im headed to Covington for the 1st time tommorrow and can't wait to start my journey finally to all 11 parks.

Now news from tonight thou I got all the news from the hotline due to NBA Finals on the radio.

Staunton defeated Waynesboro 2-0 and heard Lance Baxter threw a no-hitter. Covington defeated Haymarket 7-6, Fauquier over Woodstock 8-4 and New Market over Front Royal 2-0.


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