16 straight hours of work then... Nope the answer isn't rest it is Luray @ Stonewall Jackson (Boys)

The kids from Central played Thursday so that were looking for some Friday night hoops to watch.
Wil Logan against the zone press - Hovatter and Biller

Coach Stout and Davey Scott discussing strategy

Ms. Jenny Logan trying to hide behind the Falcons

Coach Stout leading her team
Mr. Ryan Carroll - Assistant B-Ball Coach
Luray during a time out

Gotta Love it !

SJHS Cheer Squad
Our good Buddy John Galle of the SVH

The Generals getting fired up before the tip
The chest bump !
Stonewall's starting five

The Bulldogs getting busy

Left to right - Nick Miller, Garret Wilson & Monty Dickson
Coach Stout motivating her troops
You know what is happening next ?
The final score of the Junior Varsity game.
Once again I was there helping out Mr. Chuck McGill at the NVD so if you want to read a gamer later you can check it out at www.nvdaily.com


Anonymous said…
I didn't know Ryan was a bball coach, he's so multitalented!

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