A Tip of the Cap to an up & coming young writer : Mr. John Galle

www.dnronline.com/news_details.php?AID=34593&CHID=43 is a link to a story written by one of my favorite writers in the Valley, Mr. John Galle.
I feel blessed to get to hang out with some writers that possess mad skills, such as Jim Sacco, John Leonard, Austin Gisriel, Chuck McGill to name a few. But this John Galle fella, he is an up & comer in a big way.
John writes for the Shenandoah Valley Herald in Woodstock, Va. and recently finished a really cool story but I was hesitant to post the work. See, John was writing about our efforts here and I didn't want to give the wrong impression by saying look at us. The message is this - look at HIM.
This is the same John Galle that helped us with our Strasburg VB project and I am hoping to get to read this young mans work for years to come!

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