Open for Business : The VBL's Waynesboro Generals - Where do we start?

Friday January 23RD, 2009 - The red letter day in the current regime responsible for the Valley Baseball League's Waynesboro Generals. What is the first thing on the list to do?
How about starting a to do list! John has already got one started for me to work on but I am running out of paper.
Thank God that Shirley is in Waynesboro holding down the fort.
I wanted to take a minute or two and start the process of listing our line up for upcoming season. Great group of folks that have serious thoughts about making baseball fun at Kate Collins Field in the Summer of 2009.
Lawrence will be responsible for the team that will lace up the spikes and actually play baseball as well as put together our coaching staff. If it happens inside the fence, it will have the stamp of Coach all over it. Pictures include John Leonard and Lawrence talking after a game last summer and then John himself...


Anonymous said…
I am the GeneralsSignGuy and I approve this message, fills like election day all over. But I am happy for the both of you now with the Generals and looking for an exciting year here in 2009.

CCD said…
Let's get this party started. Thanks for checking in Mike - can't wait to un-vail the new web site!
Anonymous said…
O.k. you've got my curiosity at it's peak. I'll take the bait ... when is the new Waynesboro Generals site going to be revealed? The suspense is killing me!!!
CCD said…
Always great to hear from you! We are shooting for the end of Jan.

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