#2 of 4 - Faces in the crowd @ Eastern Mennonite H.S

Mid Court logo for the Flames
Mrs. Viafora & Coach Alan Knight of Page

PN & C's Bill Meade interviewing PCHS Coach Ralph Viafora

It turns out that Alan and John Leonard are old softball team mates from years past
John Leonard & The Mayor of Quicksburg - Jeff Burner trading basketball stories

Every time I take a picture of Coach I hear him mumble something under his breathe but some how he continues to tolerate me!

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Meade after Bill finished with his camera

Coach Burner scouting two upcoming opponents for his Lady Generals
Mrs. Meade watching the action

Just having fun with Coach. The Page County version of a Coaching Legend!

Bill Meade waiting to snap his next pic...

EMHS Teacher/ All Things Valley League web master/ Former Flames Coach/Host for the evening & Oh Yeah- my new partner in the Waynesboro Generals organization...
Mr. John Leonard

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