#3 of 4 - A Look inside the halls of EMHS with John Leonard

John standing in teaching mode
I did mention John being a Phils fan, right

John took the time to explain the way he works a new subject in to play. In this instance his students are beginning to study South Africa. The students (Freshman) start out by listing what the feel they know on the subject before they begin.

More Phils stuff - this time Mike Schmidt

Check out the art work on the board
The Phils that John grew up watching as a youngster

Room #210 - The English Lab
Instructor: Mr. John Leonard

The young man in the middle was the point guard on one of the basketball teams that John coached at EMHS.

The 1994 banner belongs to said point guard and Coach Leonard. I believe they entered the tourney as the sixth seed and went all the way. A trick that John's Eagles will try and duplicate in the current NFL playoffs.

Monday night was my first visit to the grounds of Eastern Mennonite High School in Harrisonburg and John Leonard was kind enough to show me a behind the scenes look at his school.
John teaches at EMHS and during half time we took a walking tour of where John works his day job. I must remind the readers that John is somewhat of a Phillies fan...


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