Spending some quality time in Quicksburg, Va. with the Generals

Welcome to downtown Quicksburg, Va.
SJHS Principal Mike Dorman visiting after the game

I spent the evening sitting with both Jeff Burner and Jason Lutz watching the game. The two were kind enough to continue to give me a History lesson about Stonewall. Today that included the story about Mr. Hines of the famed Hines Block sitting area in the Generals gym.
Mr. Jim Hines was a teacher at the Quicksburg school for 37 years until his recent retirement.
When the student body voted on a namesake for the often packed sitting area in the gym, they selected Mr. Hines.
37 years in the business- you can only imagine the number of lives this amazing man changed for the better.
The Stonewall cheer squad waiting for the action to start.

Mr. & Mrs. Burner always on hand to support the Generals.

The final score of the contest between Stonewall Jackson and the visiting Flames of Eastern Mennonite High School. Below you see the clock with 6 seconds remaining and it turned out to be a long 6 seconds for the home fans.

Generals Head Coach Sophie Stout instructing her troops

The score at halftime- before Stonewall mounted their big rally
Matthew Blauch (21) and Russell Hill (30)
Hill looking to get the ball inside to Nicholas Trent(40) with William Parker Leap (11) providing the defense for the Flames.
Flames Head Coach Dave Bechler

Hill (30) and Dylan Dawson (32) waiting to apply defensive pressure

The Hines Block art work on the wall in the Generals gym.
Davey Scott (20) would connect on three 3-pointers to open the fourth quarter much to the delight of Coach Stout and his team mates...

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