Shenandoah District Finals : Gap girls capture tital over Stonewall in front of capacity crowd @ EMU

1ST Team Shenandoah ALL-DISTRICT
Left to Right
Gap's Sara Lamneck
Page's Taylor Jenkins
Gap's Holly Morgan
Stonewall's Meghan Lutz
Stonewall's Heather Stout
Stonewall's Molly Beall
Stonewall's Meghan Lutz receiving her award from Luray AD Don Ehlers

District Player of the Year Sara Lamneck

"Bull" receiving her award for 2ND team All-District...

Ms. Deacon of Wilson Memorial earned 2ND team honors.

Pics for the Woodstock Free Press

Meghan Lutz and Heather Stout bringing up the ball.

Great crowd in every corner- this angle from behind the basket.

This one has a 3-D look to it!

Lutz at the free throw line.

The press pass for the NVD's Tim Tassa. Check out Tim's gamer at .

News-Leader's Ron Hartlaub was blogging at court side. Check out his stuff at .

Great crowd/ Great Atmosphere all night!

JUMP BALL - Opening Tip between Sara Lamneck & Heather Stout.

Coach of the Year Jeff Burner greeting Molly Beall as the Generals return to their bench.

The Bison Cheer Squad were doing double duty with both of their hoops teams in the house.

Coach B sharing a moment with one of the refs before the tip.

The dynamic duo from the News-Leader. Shaun had the camera and the second game.


Anonymous said…
Congrats to our Stonewall ladies! They are who I always thought they were! K. Hovatter and B. Koontz had gotten a ton of well deserved press and kudos but I always felt that they never would have reached such heights without a great support system to help them. Now that support has come to the forefront and is receiving the accolades they have worked so hard for. I feel an extra satisfaction in seeing these young ladies excel as Charlie and I had the pleasure of working with them on our local swim team several years ago. They are exceptional all around athletes, students, and people.
Having spent 4 years around this group of young ladies, I can honestly say that they have carried the Stonewall flag as proudly as it could be done.Coach B and this group will be back at home on Tuesday night for the Region B Quarter-Finals. If you are within driving distance...
Always great to hear from the Dodges!

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