Bulldogs split a double header @ Radford U.

The beauty of writing for yourself is there is no one telling you what to think or how long to write. I have stated many times before that I live in a world were the glass is always at least half full so with that thought in mind I am going to start my coverage of the J.J. Kelly vs. Luary game coverage.

When I arrived back in Luray Saturday night I ran into Ryan Carroll and his father at the park. Both took the time to thank me for the coverage of the team and I wanted to share two
thoughts with them.

#1- My coverage of the team was just getting started and we would not stop until every player
on the team had been giving a chance to tell his story. The fact that they lost on Saturday didn't change the beauty of the season for me.

#2.- In my version of the story the LHS Bulldogs split a pair of games down in Radford on Friday. Yes, the lost the "opener" by a score of 15-0 but they won the second game 1-0. I was up in a booth with AC on and the events that took place were tough on me. I had high hopes as I am sure the kids did too but I made the 340 mile loop for a different reason. These kids are our team and they represent our town. If they won the game we would of figured out how to squeeze the Saturday trip into the schedule as well but I wouldn't of missed the Friday game for the world.

I hated the fact the schedule of the Valley Baseball game in New Market forced me to have to run to my car in a hurry but I did manage to catch the attention of Don Painter and asked him to tell anyone of the players that "I was as proud of them after the game as I was before the game."
I will always remember the amount of effort and class that went into the bottom of the seventh inning. I stated on the radio before the half inning that it would mean so so much if our team could knock the zero out of the Hit column and then rally long enough to knock the zero out of the Runs column.Now I have only worked and lived here for 5 years but I am going to count that run as the most important run the team has ever scored!

We didn't win the game but I am not going to jump off the band wagon until they repo it from us. We have special things planned for each and every player, coach and if they would like-parent as we here at Around The Valley in 60 Days will continue to say "How 'bout them Bulldogs!!!!!!!".
Check back every couple of days for more stories and I know that Rebecca has posted the photos from Friday as well. We also have other cool stuff planned so stay tuned...

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