A tip of the Cap to Mr. & Mrs. Chris Graham (Augusta Free Press)

I have so much respect for people and their time so I make it a ATV-60 point to support those who take the time to help us get the word out about the VBL. Chris Graham and his wife Crystal have been incredible since first shining their light on our efforts. As I mentioned earlier today that Chris came back out to finish his work on our story last night in Staunton. I went over to his/their site www.augustafreepress.com and was reading up on the events of the day. About half way down the main page I noticed something HUGE.

Chris added what I guess you would call a feed (?) so that his readers can see all of the updates from our site. He had mentioned the idea that first night in Waynesboro and to see it there is exciting for me. I try to use my time and my space to applaud the above and beyonds that I see in the VBL and all that surrounds it and the Graham family earns a ATV-60 tip of the cap!

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