An unexpected trip to Radford U./ On the road with the Bulldogs

My dad has always poked fun at me for how many items I will add to a plan once I have it in place. He is down in Knoxville,Tn retired and taking care of my Mom these days. This past week he would of been laughing pretty loud (how loud- you might could of heard him up here!) if he had all the happenings in front of him. We run a business that keeps us busy from 11:00 p.m. until around 8:00 a.m. 365 days a year and that in itself makes life interesting.

Add in all the leg work to Around The Valley in 60 Days and the office work that goes with the Post job and I started wondering how I would survive 11 trips in 11 days? The plan was simple- rest up for the week before and don't add to the plate!

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to start the promotion- Monday 5/26 (Memorial Day) was a home game for the Bulldogs as they hosted George Mason in the opener of the playoff run. I headed down to the field, watched every pitch and took some great notes. Rebecca was off on a family hike up the mountain so I didn't have pictures but the game was great.

Tuesday involved a trip to Covington and back to drop off their passports and then to Waynesboro to do the same. I made sure I was there for the Little Giants playoff game so I could cheer on Jim Critzer and his kids.

Wednesday involved another home game for the Bulldogs, then over to New Market for part of the Meet the Rebels and back to Luray to catch Bocock and the fellows gathering for a late practice.

Thursday included a trip over to Clover Hill for the Wranglers exibition game with the RCBL squad.

Friday included a trip to Strasburg for the chance to do the color commentary on the broadcast of the Bulldogs 12-7 win over the Rams!

Saturday night opened the adventure of 11 in 11 and as you can see I/we were anything but rested up.

Once Luray finished off Lancaster 17-4 on the night we headed to Front Royal (it was really tough to have to leave in the 2ND inning) I knew that brought Friday into the mix. Friday was slated to be our "easy day" as all we had to do was skip over the mountain to Rebel Park and back. Have you ever went from Luray to New Market by way of Radford?

I jumped at the opportunity to once again call the game with Craig Orndorff and we headed out as soon as the newspapers were done. We actually stopped in Troutville and visited my wife Linda for 45 minutes as she was heading home from her work week. She flies out 40 of the 52 weeks a year but this past week she was working in Tennessee and made the drive.

We arrived at the ball park/campus and picked up our credentials for the press box and went out in search of Craig. Things felt good when we retired the side in the top of the 1st and came to bat for the first time at 0-0. Now to the rest of the story....

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