Hay! Hay what? Hay-MARKET!

Here are some pictures of our trip to Haymarket. I got the privilege once more of riding with Mrs. Debbie, Mr. Bocock and the whole Wrangler family up to the field. I love those guys (and I would like to put on the record that I meant no harm in wearing that New Market jersey to the Battle of the Mountain - I love both teams).

I have to admit that there are a lot of Luray pictures mixed in here because the player we're hosting (Clay Kelly, number 26) got in yesterday and it was his first game. Exciting!


Anonymous said…
Here is the update from the Generals-Rebels game and I wish everyone was here for this one. The Rebel Superfans and the Generals Superfans stay to the wee-hours of the morning till 12:35 am to see an exciting 16 inning game, yes I said it right. Generals 4 Rebels 3 off of a error by the 3rd baseman which had Stafford or Dvornaziak scored, I wish I had my scorebook for this one but worked till 8:30 and missed the first 4 innings.

Now the game had its momentum streaks with Waynesboro getting a run in the 1st and then New Market scoring 1 run in the 4th. New Market was pitching a 1 hitter till about the 5th when the Generals scored again then the Rebels scored again in the 7th. After that on both sides 2 or 3 runners left on base in several innings and some blown chances both in the 11th, now New Market scored in the 15th, after a double and a sac fly, then the Generals scored again off of a single,stolen base and passed ball. For the fans which was about possibly 50-75 that was there after midnight they seen a good one even with singing by Superfan Benji in the top and middle parts of the innings.

Game of the Year candiate by far. Love to see the boxcore of this 4 hr 55 min game soon.

And great pics from the Luray-Haymarket game.

Hey Mike,
I had already left for work and had to stop back by and saw your story. I was wondering why I hadn't from you and now I know! Sounds like a great game- thanks for the notes on the pics...Heading down to Staunton tomorrow- See you there?
Anonymous said…
I'll see you at the game hoping no rain tommorrow, wish I had pics for this one. Lots of dedicated fans on both sides stayed for a great game just ask the Rebels fans too. Jerry we even had a UVA chant for JC Poma and Brad Grove going, wish you was there to see it.

Anonymous said…
I'd have to agree w/ Mike--it was quite a game. As our player, Mike Mooney, put it--it was more not of who would win but who would lose---they were so evenly matched. I looked for you Mike but I didn't see anybody w/ a sign! ;o}
--if you ever want to find me I'm the crazy woman ringing the cowbell!!!!

I'm glad we're off tonight! We got home at about 1:45am and I had to go in to work this am. I am one tired Rebelle!!!
Anonymous said…
Man, people are going to think Dad doesn't own any clothes that don't say Maddox on the back! Rebecca...I'm not sure that I'm confortable with you riding the bus with grown men making kissy faces...
Great to see you are checking in with the blog/ promotion from Lynchburg!

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