Greetings from Salt Lake City!

Hi there, hello there, and how do you do? We're sitting here in the beautiful Salt Lake City International Airport on our way to San Diego (named after Saint Didacus of AlcalΓ‘, meaning "Saint James" in English).

I took the liberty (I've become accustomed to having the camera with me at all times, now... it'll be a tough habit to break at school, I'm sure) of snapping off a few photos on the plane ride here. Some of them aren't my best but I hope they help you appreciate just a bit of the beauty it took this flight to help me realize.

A picture from my seat on the airplane. Yeah, the 'rents sat me in scene aisle 40. Thanks, guys!

A picture of Dulles' mobile lounge. That lovely piece of machinery got us to B74 in no time!

I miss the money shot of her doing a little dance just a few seconds before. I'm sorry, my photographic senses tingled just a tad too late.

Ahh suburbia. It's beautiful even from above, isn't it?

I have this thing for cloud formations. I think they're sweet! They make me feel like I could climb and jump on them - like my own mid-air moon bounce.

Some scenery. Looks just a bit scary with the cloud shadows on it, doesn't it?

I got the distinct impression that I was looking at the spinal chord of nature here...

Aha, signs of humanity! Those little toothpick looking things are glorified windmills.

Check out the meanders on that river! Makes me think it should spell "Zoom" like on those Mazda commercials.

Not "the" lake, but it's close cousin and still beautiful with the sun reflecting off of it!

Just the edge of the lake and some of the nearby (very small compared to those coming up in photos, but still majestic) mountains.

So pretty!

A good shot across the lake. You just can't capture in a photo the beauty and general hugeness of it!

How would you like to drive across that, in the middle of one of the most fruitful ecosystems in the world - I read a book in high school about how this area is one of the biggest bird and animal refuges in the world.

Is it me or do these mountains just seem to come out of nowhere? This is just 1 minute in the air past the lake!

Almost looks like a painting, doesn't it?
The way the mountains melt away so quickly into cities...

My favorite shot of the whole ride. Beautiful!

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