When is it time to stop writing about the VBL ? I'm not smart enough to figure that one out...

Having serious fun with John Leonard and a All Things Valley League reader by the name of Doug. The post season awards have been handed out and as it is with any set of awards- Fun to debate! The biggest thing for me though is that it keeps the VBL in sight and that is/was the main purpose for Around The Valley in 60 Days.

The VBL is an amazing league, full of talented players, skilled managers and dedicated fans but it lacks in getting the word out. I check each day to see how many people are still checking in at our site and then I get caught up on everything that John has posted over at http://allthingsvalleyleauge.typepad.com . The area newspapers shut down the coverage of the VBL and each of the 12 (Yes-Lexington) clubs are in their 2 weeks shut down mode as they scatter to various points of the country to try and catch their breath.

The off-season has become so small that it has turned into a battery recharging time versus a serious break in the action. The other night down in Staunton, Boyd Snyder (Braves Owner) asked Rebecca if she was ready for the season to be over? He went on to tell her that if she answered no, then she hadn't been working hard enough. I honestly don't know what happens next as far as we are concerned but I can say that the NEED to spread the word about the VBL is as great now as it has ever been.

There are so many options for the college players to look at with new leagues that pop-up all over the country. I don't think we can be arrogant enough to believe that all we have to do is show-up and the best players from all over the country will beg to play in our parks. Folks like Bruce Alger in New Market, Bill Turner in Luray and Stu Richardson in Woodstock all know the amount of work that has to be put in for their teams and their towns to be a success in 2009 but someone has to be watching out for the VBL itself...

We will continue to search out all that is good within the VBL and do our best to continue to share the info with the folks still reading. At the same time, we remind all of those with ties to the VBL that they are welcome to share their stories with us as well.

As Tom B. of Motel 6 radio/TV fame would say- "We'll leave the light on for you!"

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