Woodstock at Waynesboro in Photos- Half her/half me

Foltzie hitting to his troops
A view of the Rainbow over Kate Collins Middle School
Lawrence, Foltzie and the umpires
Pre game chat- going over the Ground Rules
The Generals were plenty loose before the 1ST Pitch
The Mobile Version of a Team Store
Like the River Bandits road threads !
Gracious Hosts sharing their duggout
Brian on the PA firing up the troops-Daniel Bradshaw takes to the field
Time for our National Anthem !
The Generals paying their respect to Our Flag
One of the neatest moments at the park
And will always be for me
River Bandits squad doing the same
And the umpires & fans
Walking off the mound after the moment-(25) Andrew Scherer helped out
The sky opened pre-game but behaved for the most part
A little game action
Chris Enourato holding on a runner
Starting pitcher for the home team
#38 Daniel Bradshaw (LSU)
?????? A UFO landing ????
More shots of Bradshaw
Flotz managing from 3RD base box while the Generals look on
Grant Escue- from my Bradley Braves !
Nat Nicholas and his crew- nothing but smiles!
Even when they are staying busy
The Birthday Boy- Smokey Joe turned 10 Today! Shirley in the background
ESPN's Chip Krable and Generals owner Jim Critzer
Mr.Critzer relaxing in the press box
Jim behind Chip, Brian to the far right
Zach (TV-3) catching the action along with us- check out the baseball !
3B- Evan Webb (Tennesse Tech)
Nat & Company making us feel at home
Smiles,Smiles, Smiles
Diamond making round two at Kate Collins
Generals Sign Guy Mike showing his work
and then some!
Pretty cool stuff
Takes a great deal of pride in it all
Lookin' good
Brach Davis (Memphis) on the mound
A great look at the crowd for a make up game
Rebecca, Chuck and Mike
Mr. & Mrs. Richardson and friends
Cool Store truck...
5-0 lead became 5-4 then Generals added final 5
A view of the Hill at Kate Collins
A Generals meeting at the mound
I am not sure what I was trying to capture here? Do you?
Night falling and the Flags a flying

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