Saturday, July 5, 2008

1 note from the Press Box @ ATV-60- TV 3 Story

A special Thank You to Mr. Damon Dillman for airing the interview he put together for TV-3. It was great to have it air twice and we are SO THANKFUL for the help but we need to make one note. At the end of the piece Damon mentioned there was no Pot of Gold at the end of the ATV-60 rainbow when in fact there is. Each baseball fan that completes the loop will receive the following:

1. Being recognized back at their home park at a future home game.
2. Having the Honor of throwing out the first pitch at a home game.
3. A LOGO Wind Breaker with their teams logo on 1 side and the ATV-60 on the other
4. A minimum of three outlets for pictures and the telling of their story
5.They are entered into a drawing for a 2009 Season Pass that gets them into every park in the VBL on any given night.
6. My UN-Conditional Love !

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Anonymous said...

It was a great story Jerry and thanks for filling everyone out what the prizes are after finishing all 11 parks. It did come on for a 3rd time on the MyValleyNetwork after midnight last night.