Luray at New Market in Photos

New Market Continues to Upset Leaders in the Valley League

That should be the title of an article somewhere. New Market brought their A-game to Rebel Park last night and dominated the Wranglers every step of the way. We were both up in the Crow's Nest all night so we couldn't get too many shots of the action but it was definitely something to watch.

The Rebels bus. If I recall correctly, this is a new addition to the New Market family.

The Around the Valley poster on the announcement board heading into the park.

The Rebels are hoping for a serious Cinderella season. The way they took every inch the Wranglers gave them last night, they could be on their way.

The reserved section. Every part of this park was filled with fans last night.

Bruce Alger. The hardest working man in baseball.

We had the pleasure of having Damon Dillman up in the Crows Nest with us for a few innings.

Tony Mowat and his daughter in the Crows Nest.

The Wranglers as CJ Lauriello touches the last base for his homerun, the only point the Wranglers scored in the game.

CJ hitting high fives all around for his great hit right over the left field fence.

Riley Cooper was really close to catching CJ's homerun ball. He came so close he actually flipped over the left field wall trying to grab it. Kevin Dietrich came over to make sure his fellow outfielder hadn't been seriously hurt. Gallant effort, Mr. Cooper!

The Painters made the trip over the mountain to come see the Battle.

The classic (my favorite) shot at Rebel Park. You can see the center fielder (Clay Kelly), the pitcher (Alex Wimmers), the catcher (Cory Johnson), the R on the field and Johnny Reb there on the front, surrounded by the reserved seats at Rebel Park. Beautiful.

The home side was completely full last night. I believe the attendance was upwards of 50,000, as I recall.

We were proud to see that the visitor's side was pretty populated, as well. However, the Rebel fans won out in longevity once the gap between scores widened to 6.

Another beautiful shot of Rebel Park.

The Wranglers had a tough time finding a pitching groove once Alex Wimmers was taken out of the game.

Another shot of some Wrangler fans in front of the merchandise stand. You can see some Luray High School maroon down there on Brad Painter.

Bill Turner came and visited us in the Crows Nest for a few minutes.

The game actually finished 1 minute before 10:00PM. What a quick (not quite painless) game!

High fives after the final pitch.

More post-game hand shakes.

Dave, Head of Security, walking away with the Battle of the Mountain trophy in hand.

Diamond with one of the treats Mike brought for her.

Diamond isn't a huge fan of a lot of treats but she really sunk her teeth into the treats Mike gave her!

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